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Akashic Readings

The Akashic Records includes every thought, action, and experience throughout your entire soul journey.  You could think of it as an energetic library that is accessed by using a specific prayer.  Once inside your Records your spirit team and loved ones will provide the messages and guidance that you are ready to hear.  The insight and wisdom that is gifted to you during each session has the great potential of providing you with confirmation, understanding and direction. It often happens that the real clarity behind the messages happens after the session as the messages sink in. Most importantly...the records help you to reconnect to your soul-level truth!  
While in the records, Tiffany often channels many light languages. Light Language is a universal language that our soul's understand, even when our mind is thinking, "this is strange!" It has been known to open people up to receive their messages more clearly, clear stuck energy, and help people feel more aligned to their soul's mission. It's a loving frequency that even if your mind doesn't understand it, your soul and energetic body know! 

Energy Clearing

Through her own experience with energetic clearing, Tiffany has watched her life upgrade and change very quickly in ways she never thought possible. Her passion is in giving you the opportunity to experience this profound change for yourself!


Tiffany is a certified Emotion Code®, Body Code™ and Belief Code® practitioner, and uses these tools to assist the body in releasing stale, trapped energy that has the potential to to keep us from living our best lives. Trapped energy is believed to be at the root of many of the maladies of the mind, spirit, and body we face today. If it's a chronic issue, it is probable energetic clearings will tip the scale in your favor.

In Tiffany's experience, what has changed her unresourceful patterns the fastest was introducing Belief Code® into her personal work.  This method's intention is to remove entire belief systems, down the deep subconscious root belief, along with any imbalances associated with it. Her clients have reported the biggest shifts using this method. (It is suggested to book for an hour for Belief Code®.) 

During these sessions, Tiffany is usually given intuitive messages to share with you to help you better understand the work that is being done. She is often guided to add in other modalities to assist the body in more completely releasing the stuck energy. 

Emotion Code certified Practitioner
EN - L3 Belief Code Badge - D2023.png

Disclaimer: While many clients report experiencing amazing results, these sessions are NOT intended to take the place of seeing a physician, and are not intended to diagnose or cure disease.

Intuitive Human Design

Tiffany is certified in Human Design (through Emma Dunwoody), and her gift is intuitively guiding you in discovering how to live your Design experiment through the aspects of your chart she is led to, and through her own personal stories and experiences with living in her Human Design experiment for over 3 years.  This session is for those desiring intuitive guidance on how to understand and implement their design, or are wanting to be guided to contemplate a certain part of your chart (ex. centers, gates, etc.). Basically, any part of your chart that helps with LOVING yourself more fully so you can be who you are truly meant to be in this world!

Human Design is meant to free you!  YOUR guides will help us dive into the part(s) of your chart that are pertinent for what you are seeking guidance for at this time in your life.

Tiffany is a 1/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator, Incarnation Cross of Contagion. So, get ready to explore what lights you up! What you will be receiving through her Incarnation Cross of Contagion is...full commitment to what is truly important to you (Conscious Sun 29), learning to love being authentically you (Unconscious Sun 8), knowing the right time to express an emotion/take action (Conscious Earth 30), and responding to opportunities to generate resources (Unconscious Earth 14).

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