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...through MY story.

Hello loves! I'm so grateful you are here!


Okay, a little about me - I have 2 children, a boy and a girl 6 1/2 years apart, and their personalities couldn't be any more different from each other! While parenting can be hard and frustrating at times, it's been so amazing to see their personalities and interests come to life! My son is super into nuclear physics right now and is always inventing and drawing up plans, and my daughter absolutely LOVES to draw, color and paint, then gift her work to those she cares about.  And through my own inner child work and clearing of my trapped emotions when I'm triggered, my relationship with my kids has done a 180! I can hold space for them in such a beautiful way, as compared to the old me. (This work really works!)

For you animal lovers, I also have a moody cat named Noski Kristoff (Russian for "socks" and Kristoff from FROZEN..."Let It Go, Let It Go!"), who will sit on my lap, and then scratch me in the next instant. I still love him, even though he brings mice into my home to play with. 

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, I absolutely LOVE to watch sunsets. I mean is one of my FAVORITE things to do in the whole wide world! Give me a beautiful sunset over a lake or ocean, and you will find one happy woman. Ahhhhhhhh.  

Welcome to my world! I hope you stay a while!

Why work with Tiffany?

If you have been looking to be held without judgement, with love, and for exactly who you are in this very moment...look no further! Tiffany truly does practice non-judgment, and knows that anything brought to her is a reflection of herself and her own inner work to do. 

Tiffany works with people all around the world, from  Oklahoma, to California, and all the way to Australia using remote distance energy clearing and providing akashic guidance. Remote sessions may seem strange at first if you've not had personal experience, but it is really true that we are all connected and time and space just don't matter! 

She also works with ANIMALS, having brought healing to both physical and behavior issues with cats, snakes, rabbits, and her biggest clients...HORSES! The horses she has worked with have experienced some of the fastest change to date! We all have trapped emotions and trauma in our body, and our animal friends are no different. 

No matter which type of session you choose, Tiffany is usually given intuitive messages to help you better understand what is happening in the session. She often infuses the healing frequency of light language into her work, and occasionally one of her famous guides, Cleopatra, will give you messages in the Akashic Records when the subjects of money, loving one's body, and sex come into play. She will help you intuit the deeper meaning behind what the Universe has brought to you at this moment, assisting you to find the cycle of the pattern or lesson, and letting go of personalizing your messages.  Her clients have often said they go to her when they need an enthusiastic outlook on events that don't feel good, often helping them see which cycle they are being asked to release at that time. After all, life is about experiences...the good, the bad, the ugly...and it's how we choose to see them that leads us to living the life of our dreams!


Tiffany is also well-versed in codependency recovery, relationship attachment styles (anxious, avoidant, secure), manifesting in the quantum, etc.

Not only all that, but Tiffany has truly walked the walk, and she talks the talk, practicing what she "preaches." She brings her past heartbreak, breakthroughs and more into her work to help you get unstuck from whatever persistent pattern is currently bothering you.


Some of her story:

- twice divorced and shedding the programmed shame around that, to now being so proud of herself for choosing her own happiness and life path

- learning to fully and authentically love herself and her body (which is still a work in progress!) by continuously shedding the deep seeded need for external validation. She removed her breast implants, grown out her gray hair, and had a large rash on her right cheek for over 2 years at ages 41 & 42.


Tiffany truly embodies what it feels like to move through hardships, in order to love and accept yourself as you are...where you are...and to transition layer by glorious layer into your highest Self. 


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