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Fog and Nature


clearing the way to a better, brighter, lighter you

Ready to let go of feeling "stuck" and release what no longer serves you?

Having navigated these waters myself with

the very tools I offer, you are in the right place. 

If you've been told that you have to manage your symptoms, whether physical or emotional, know there are powerful options that have the potential to change your life in all the best ways! 

I am here to love and support you through this transition. 

My life has changed immeasurably since I began these energy clearing methods to make the mental and physical shifts I have been longing for. Not only that, but I have changed for the better much more quickly than I could have ever imagined! I am here to give you the opportunity to do that same.

When we do energetic work to clear out stuck trauma, we increase our likelihood of breaking cycles. Cycles of hating our bodies. Cycles of abuse and incessant cravings. Cycles of chronic discomfort. Cycles of not having enough money. You get the idea!

Here's the thing...these cycles are not just about this lifetime. So doing this potent work not only provides the opportunity of clearing the body of trauma from this lifetime, but all lifetimes. Not only that, but the theory (which I wholeheartedly believe) is that we also clear inherited imbalances. In this way, we can begin create a clearer path to tune in to our INTUITION and the work our soul came here to do! 

Over time, we get to become genuinely happier, healthier, more whole versions of ourselves, in order to remember what bright and shining stars we truly are.

My purpose is to use my knowledge and personal experience with getting "unstuck" from the personal cycles I have navigated in my own life, to make this possible for you! 

So, whether you choose to access the Akasha, clear stuck emotions/trauma, know yourself through intuitive human design, or a combo of all three...know you are held. That you are loved. That you are seen.

With All My Love,

Tiffany Hart 

Our PURPOSE Together

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